The next best thing to real teeth!

Will My Teeth Look Real?

A big fear patients have before deciding to change their lives with All-on-4® Dental Implants is, “Will my teeth look real or like fake teeth?”

Our goal at All Bright Dental is to restore natural function and life-like aesthetics so that you can feel “normal” again. 

ZIRPEEK® gives you back the freedom you lose when you can’t eat, when you’re constantly in pain, or when you’re too embarrassed to simply smile.

Only ZIRPEEK® has a proprietary formula which means total control over the quality, color, and translucency of each crown. Natural teeth are neither stark white or opaque. Zirpeek crowns boast a life-like translucency indistinguishable from real teeth.

ZIRPEEK® hybrids


ZIRPEEK® is hands down the most realistic dental implant hybrid on the market. 

Digital Dental Fusion is the lab behind ZIRPEEK®. Their goal was to create a beautiful dental implant prosthetic, indistinguishable from the real thing, unobtrusive to have in your mouth, and strong enough to withstand the forces created by the biting, chewing, and grinding we all do day after day.

The three main parts that make ZIRPEEK® such a unique hybrid are:

  1. PEEK substructure
  2. Individually milled zirconia crowns
  3. Life-like colors

PEEK Substructure in ZIRPEEK® 


PEEK stands for polyether ether ketone. In a nutshell, it’s a polymer used in a wide variety of applications: from aerospace to automotive to medical. It’s lightweight and can withstand immense heat. It’s strong, yet pliable, and also biocompatible. 

Only ZIRPEEK® uses PEEK for their hybrids. Other labs have tried, but weren’t able to do it. The issue being the inability to bond zirconia (used for the crowns) to PEEK. With years of research and experimentation, Digital Dental Fusion – the lab that brings you ZIRPEEK® – has overcome this obstacle. 

the benefits of PEEK

For our purposes, nothing is as similar to bone as PEEK. We all know bone is strong, yet there’s still a quality of “softness” to it, a slight give. PEEK shares this same quality. This ‘softness’ behaves like a shock absorber, absorbing and distributing chewing and biting forces up to 85%. This makes for a much more comfortable experience for you and protects the implants. With a metal bar or full zirconia hybrid, 100% of the shock goes into your implants. With PEEK, your implants are spared all that strain. 

ZIRPEEK® weighs one-third of a full-zirconia hybrid, creating a significant difference in weight and comfort between a full zirconia hybrid and ZIRPEEK®.

the problems with full zirconia and titanium bars

PEEK is the ideal material for dental implant prosthetics. Up until ZIRPEEK®, the best methods the dental industry had for hybrids was to make them out of full zirconia or mill a titanium bar inside the prosthetic. While these did add strength, there were drawbacks.

A metal bar is 100% unforgiving. Its metal within stone. When your teeth come together, the sensation is jarring and can be can be quite uncomfortable. This lack of any gives then means a strain on your implants, which could increase the possibility of implant failure.

Full zirconia restorations are milled from a solid block of zirconia. It is one big piece and the rigidity of a solid zirconia restoration causes problems with breakage. With the right combination of forces, the full zirconia prosthetic is certain to break

Broken full zirconia hybrid

Broken full zirconia prosthetic

Smiling 4M Dental Implant Center Patient

4M Patient with a ZIRPEEK® hybrid.

zirconia crowns

ZIRPEEK® is made with a proprietary zirconia formula. With total control over the quality of the zirconia, your ZIRPEEK® crowns have an unmatched strength, the perfect shades of white, and a natural translucency just like natural teeth. 

why zirconia?

Though full zirconia isn’t the best route for dental restorations, zirconia is still a wonderful material for dentistry. Zirconia is the hardest substance used in dentistry, making it comparable to a tooth’s natural dentin.

The zirconia formula used in ZIRPEEK® was created specifically to mimic natural teeth with a translucency indistinguishable from the real thing.

lifelike color

ZIRPEEK® hybrids are masterfully hand-painted, with rich colors and intense attention to detail. 

Attention to subtle details are what make a ZIRPEEK® hybrid come to life. 

Only you and your dentist will know they aren’t your natural teeth.

ZIRPEEK prosthetic