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How Much Do
Dental Implants Cost?

The most common question asked about dental implants is, “How much do dental implants cost?” Dental implants are a quality investment and when done by an experienced dentist, can last a lifetime.

Though the initial costs of other tooth replacement treatments will seem less expensive than implants, there are several factors to take into consideration. Crowns, bridges, and dentures, for example, are temporary and will need to be maintained and replaced repeatedly over your lifetime. Though they cost less up front, they certainly are not cheap. Remember too, that everything increases in price over time, so what you paid for your crown the first time around likely will not be what you pay the next time or the next. Another disadvantage to alternate tooth replacement options is that no other treatment positively affects your bone like a dental implant. As soon as you lose a tooth, you begin to lose bone. This can cause your face to ‘sink’, giving an older appearance.  A dental implant acts like a tooth root keeping your jawbone healthy, encouraging bone to grow and thrive. Think of it as mini facelift, helping to maintain a more youthful look.

Another important thing to keep in mind when considering the cost of dental implants, is that you’re not just improving your smile, you’re enhancing the quality of your life. Often when your teeth are an issue, your overall health suffers. One example of this, is as a result of being unable to chew food properly or having to avoid certain foods all together, your nutrition is neglected. There is a freedom that comes when you are free to smile, and laugh without the embarrassment. It unburdens you from the weight of always having to think about your teeth, can I eat this or that, are my dentures going to slip, the pain, always being conscious of wanting to hide your teeth.

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Comparing Ways to Replace Your Teeth and The Costs

Here we show you alternative tooth replacement options, their costs and how they compare to 4M Dental Implants. The prices listed are industry averages. As with most dental procedures, prices vary depending on your unique oral health situation: smoking, gum disease, necessary extractions, misaligned teeth, recessed gums, too much gums, etc. In order to get an accurate quote on your procedure, it is important you come in and have your dentist evaluate your specific dental circumstance.


From $1,300 per crown

From $4,100 bridge

Our all porcelain bridges and crowns are good options when all you need is to restore the aesthetics of your smile. Less expensive than implants at first, eventually the costs of these treatments add up. You can expect them to last 5- 12 years before needing to be replaced. The costs associated go up over time, like anything else does, so the price you paid for them the first time around won’t be the same the next time or the next.

Crowns require your natural tooth to be filed down to fit the cap over. This removes enamel which never grows back. Without enamel you are left susceptible to nerve damage, sensitivity, and bacteria that contribute to gum disease.

Bridges rely on abutting teeth for support. Often perfectly healthy teeth are filed down to fit a crown leaving you with the enamel problem. Over time, these teeth tend to shift requiring additional dental work. 

In both cases, neither treatment makes up for the lack of a tooth root. So even though you have a nice smile, underneath, your bone is deteriorating, leaving you with a weakened jaw bone and a sunken appearance. 


From $1,500 per arch

Like bridges and crowns, dentures are good for aesthetic purposes at a lower cost. Dentures will need replacing every 5 – 10 years, or sooner if they are lost or broken.

Dentures require much more maintenance than crowns or bridges. Adhesive is generally required for lower dentures to keep them in place, but even still they are notorious for slipping out of place while talking or eating. Dentures must be removed every night and cleaned.

The roof of you mouth has many of the tastebuds we need to taste the foods we eat. The large, bulky palate of the denture covers the roof of you mouth and obstructs your ability to enjoy food. 4M dental implants are as wide as your natural arch and cover none of the roof of your mouth so you can eat and taste all of your favorite food.

Because dentures sit on top of your gums, they do nothing to protect the health of your gums. Bone quickly wears away without a tooth root or an implant to encourage bone growth and what you’re eventually left with is a thin loop of bone.


From $15,995 per arch

The 4M procedure is a high end dental implant treatment, developed by Dr. Sean Mohtashami, which utilizes the four implants to support a full arch of teeth technique, and builds upon it. 4M takes into consideration a patients bite, current and desired smile, their profile and personality. All these effect the design of your teeth.

4M has surgical and aesthetic options. Patients can get their teeth made from high grade acrylic with a titanium bar milled inside the bridge for strength or upgrade* to an all zirconium arch. Zirconium is the strongest material used in dentistry and therefore doesn’t require the addition of a titanium bar. Surgically, patients can opt for a traditional procedure or upgrade to the 4M Guided Surgery. 4MGS eliminates the need to cut the gums to get to your bone, instead punches a hole through the gums and bone with the aid of a 3D printed guide. This surgery is faster and you’re under sedation for a shorter amount of time.

Dental implants are the superior tooth replacement option and 4M’s are the superior dental implant procedure.

*Upgrades incur additional costs.


From $20,000 per arch

All-on-4 is a dental implant procedure that uses a minimum of 4 strategically placed implants to support an entire arch of teeth. This procedure is ideal for patients who are missing teeth, suffer from severe gum disease or are wearing dentures.

The implants are made of titanium, which is a biocompatible metal that has been used in dentistry to great success for years. Being biocompatible, when inserted into bone and allowed to heal, the bone and the implant fuse together creating a strong, sturdy foundation for your new teeth. Once your final teeth are secured to the implants they act like normal teeth.

Unlike the other tooth replacement options we’ve discussed, dental implants keep your jaw bone healthy by ‘tricking’ it into thinking there is a tooth root, which stimulates continual bone growth.

20 years ago Dr. Sean Mohtashami was among the first to begin performing this procedure and continues to practice it regularly. The All-on-4 is a treatment that is becoming more popular and practiced by more dentists with very high success rates.

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4M Dental Implants Are the Best Way To Replace Missing Teeth

Whether it’s one tooth or all your teeth, 4M Dental Implants are hands down the best way to replace missing teeth. When looking into what they cost, they tend to leave one with a sticker shock, they are a big investment and they aren’t cheap, but when you understand what you’re getting and why, you’ll soon realize 4M Dental Implants are a worthwhile, lifetime investment.

4M Dental Implants stay in your mouth, there’s no hassle of taking them in and out. They remain securely in place so you need not worry about them slipping, embarrassing you at an inopportune moment like dentures do. With any treatment other than implants, you’ll have to be careful as to what you eat, and with dentures you lose a lot of your sense of taste due to the bulky palate, but with dental implants, you can enjoy and taste all your favorite foods. Nothing acts, looks, or feels more like real teeth than 4M Dental Implants.


4M Dental Implant Patients

The Costs of Dental Implantsillustration of single dental implant

A dental implant is comprised of essentially 3 parts: the titanium implant, the abutment and the crown. Our prices are inclusive of these parts, however, no two patients are the same and each treatment is unique to that patient. With this in mind the end price of your procedure may be different from someone else’s. Complex cases involving bone grafts or extractions, for example, may incur additional charges. The prices we give here are about what you can expect to pay, however, not until you come in and are examined, will we be able to give you a final cost.

What’s Included: The Details


Titanium has long been used in the body and in dentistry specifically. It’s strong, light weight and biocompatible. Expertly placed implants will ensure a successful, strong foundation for you new teeth.


Once your jaw and gums have healed, and your implants have successfully fused with your bone, you’ll come back in to receive your abutments and teeth. The abutments attach to the implant, then the crown/bridge is secured to the abutment. This combination provides a secure bite. Please note: a custom abutment will incur additional costs.


The day of your surgery you will go home with with new teeth. Your healing teeth or ‘temporaries’, or ‘flipper’ for a single tooth, are what you’ll wear while you’re healing from your surgery. These teeth will look very close to what your finals will look like. This is a valuable step because as is common after surgery, your gums are likely to be a little swollen and need time to subside and return to their normal size. If you were to receive your finals the day of your surgery, you might discover, that after your gums and bone heal, they don’t fit as expected. With time to get to know what it’s like to live with your new teeth, you’ll have ample opportunity to make adjustments, aesthetically or otherwise, so that your finals are absolutely perfect.

For your final teeth, a single implant is a beautiful porcelain crown and for our 4M patients, only the finest acrylic is used, unless you’ve chosen to upgrade* to zirconia. *Upgrades incur additional costs.titanium bridge and 4M prosthetic


The titanium reenforced bridge is for our traditional 4M patients. A permanent custom titanium bar is milled into your final hybrid bridge(s). The bar reenforces your arch making it stronger than ever, allowing you to enjoy all your favorite foods.

The strength for a zirconia arch comes from the zirconia material itself and does not require the titanium bar.


Any necessary CT scans are included in the initial cost, plus all post op visits. Your first annual cleaning in also covered.


WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK! Stay current with all your cleanings at All Bright Dental and you can enjoy a lifetime warranty on your implants.  Please note: the warranty covers just the implants. Abutments, crowns, bridges or the titanium bar are not covered by the warranty.

Single Implant


4M With a Full Zirconia Prosthetic


4M Dental Implants


Financing Available

We are competitively priced and stand proudly behind our work and the materials we use. Come in and talk to us about our in-house financing and third party financing options. We work closely with Wells Fargo, Green Sky Financing, CareCredit, and Lending Club. Dental insurance doesn’t often cover dental implants as they see it as a cosmetic procedure, but some are starting to recognize the health benefits – we will work with you and your insurance to get you whatever coverage is possible.

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Some dental implant centers will quote one price for everyone. The ‘one price fits all’ quote is often a worst case scenario amount, which might be more than you actually need. It’s impossible to know exactly what you need without seeing you because 4M Dental Implants are customized for you. Keep in mind, if you find yourself wondering why another dentist is offering considerably lower pricing, and could it be too good to be true, it just might be. Some significantly reduce their prices to entice new patients because they aren’t getting the work. This calls into question the experience of the dentist or quality of the practice. Or other practices may be going for volume, which means you never see the doctor they’re advertising or you lose the personal touch and are just pushed down to the next stop in the factory line. The downside to a shoddy surgery could be awful: painful, costly and unattractive.

real 4most dental implants patient marie

“Dr. Mohtashami fixed any dental problems I was having first,” says Maria, “then, during another visit he moved forward with some laser gum contouring and placed twelve veneers in my upper smile zone. I have to admit that I’m a big chicken when it comes to dentistry, and I opted for the IV sedation. Sedation dentistry is a beautiful thing. What I remember of the procedure is that I was very comfortable and happy. I think the results look fantastic and I receive compliments nearly every single day about my infectious smile. I love it! Thank you Dr. Mohtashami.”

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“Fortunately, when I met with Dr. Mohtashami for the complimentary consultation, I became very comfortable with him. He is a true gentleman and helped me to relax. His first and only concern was for my comfort. During our meeting he personally showed me many of his own before and after smile makeover photos. We discussed a few of the cases in detail so we both got a feeling of what I liked and didn’t like. I was able to get a good sense of what to expect before, during and after the procedure. I couldn’t believe that I could have a complete smile makeover in just a few visits spread out over a few weeks.”

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“I knew exactly what type of smile I wanted, and I never had a doubt that Dr. Mohtashami and his fantastic team would deliver. They did everything possible to make me comfortable throughout the process, and I think my new smile looks great. Thank you Dr Mohtashami!”

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“Dr. Mohtashami was kind and gentle, explained everything in such detail and answered every question we could think of,” says Roxie. “We knew we were in the right place once we met him. He’s awesome. Mom had six veneers placed in her upper smile zone to correct crowding and color and four in the lower. It only took four in my upper smile zone to close my gap and make my smile look completely natural. We both love the end result and the procedure was easy. Our friends, family and salon patrons have been astounded by the difference this simple procedure has made for each of us!”

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“Dr. Mohtashami and his team are awesome. They are so friendly and professional. They took the time to care at every interval of my treatment. It was all about me; my comfort, my fears and making sure that I received the absolute best medical treatment possible. Dr. Mohtashami is truly a doctor, not just a dentist. He made everything as perfect as he could possibly make it; my bite, my gums; every single tooth. As someone who’s been working in the medical field for more than 15 years, my hat is off to him. He’s simply the best!”

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Dr. Sean Mohtashami of All Bright Dental in Las Vegas

Las Vegas’ Premier 4M Dental Implant Expert

If you’re looking for expertise with the skill to back it up, you’ve come to the right place. With over 20 years experience performing dental implants Dr. Sean has seen it all. Experience and continual education has shown him that patients don’t just want their teeth replaced, they want a smile designed specifically for them.

An artist, compassionate and precise, Dr. Sean will be by your side every step of the way to answer all of your questions and concerns. From your first consultation to the last post op, this personal touch allows Dr. Sean to get to know you and to take that and put it back into your smile design.

Dr. Sean created the 4M procedure after finding other dental implant treatments to be less comprehensive. They failed to incorporate the personal aspects of a patient into the smile design. A smile is the very first thing a person notices about you, it’s your first impression, shouldn’t it capture the real you? You can rest easy, knowing you’ve made the right decision, when you’re in Dr. Sean’s hands.

Dr. Sean graduated from the distinguished USC School of Dentistry and the respected Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI).

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