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Dental Implants FAQs

What are dental implants? What are 4M Dental Implants? Does the procedure hurt? Where can I have this done? Dental Implant FAQ’s are some of our most frequently asked questions with the answers to help you make the right decisions.

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A dental implant is the most permanent, realistic way to replace missing teeth.

Three basic parts make up a dental implant: the crown, an abutment, the titanium screw. The screw is implanted into your jaw bone, the abutment attaches to the screw connecting the implant and the of a dental implant

Unfamiliar with some of these terms? Check out our Dental Definitions page.

Implants restore your ability to eat and taste all your favorite foods, smile, speak, and laugh without embarrassment or pain.

No other tooth replacement option looks, feels, and functions more like real teeth than dental implants.

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The 4M Dental Implants treatment is a specialized, high-end dental implant procedure that permanently replaces missing or diseased teeth.  With as few as four implants Dr. Sean Mohtashami can replace an entire arch of teeth. By strategically placing the implants, Dr. Sean utilizes maximum bone which also adds to the implants strength.

4M’s aren’t bulky like dentures, and are permanent unlike any other tooth replacement option out there.  Maintenance is minimal and with proper care, 4M Dental Implants can last a lifetime.

In one day you can have the smile you’ve always wanted. Walk in with your old teeth and walk out with a radiant smile with 4M Teeth in a Day.

Dr. Sean stands behind his work with a lifetime warranty on the implants.

Dr. Sean Mohtashami is now performing his 4M procedure at two locations:

All Bright Dental Las Vegas (702) 220-6666 or

4M Dental Implant Center Newport Beach (949) 646-2420.

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Anyone who is missing one or more teeth due to disease, injury, or any other reason may be a candidate for dental implants.

The beauty of dental implants, and 4M specifically, is that this procedure makes maximum use of minimal bone. If you’ve been turned away in the past there’s still hope, come on in to All Bright Dental and see how Dr. Sean can help you.

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Dentures are bulky, you feel like you’re holding something in your mouth. Implants are just the tooth and very easy to get used to. denture v 4m dental implants

Dentures often slip or float in the mouth and adhesives are needed to keep them in place. Dental implants are permanently secured in your mouth and will not slip out of place.

Maintenance is a constant with dentures: must take them in and out daily, apply and clean off adhesives, careful not to drop or misplace, as jawbone wears away you’ll need to have your denture relined to maintain a decent fit.

Maintenance with implants is much simpler: brush, floss, and use a water pik after you eat.

Tooth roots are what keep a jawbone healthy. Without a tooth – and therefore a root – the bone of your jaw will deteriorate. This causes the shape of your face to change, giving a sunken, older appearance. Dentures sit on top of your gums, there’s nothing in the bone, leaving your jaw bone to wear down over time. Only an implant can mimic a tooth root.

Dental bridges gap the space left from missing teeth which leaves your jaw without a tooth root. Like with dentures, your bone will wear down, changing your facial structure.

A bridge requires other teeth to attach to, this means that sometimes healthy teeth fall prey to the bridge preparation as they’re filed way down for the crown to fit over. When tooth is filed down enamel is lost which is what protects your teeth from decay and over sensitivity. Implants aren’t dependent on other teeth to work. A single implant will not negatively impact any remaining healthy teeth at all.

There are no tell tale signs you have implants – no metal clips, or gaps between your teeth, or bulky denture. There are many more benefits to dental implants you can read about HERE.

Replacing painful, diseased, or missing teeth will change your life; you use them every single day for eating, smiling, laughing, communicating. Feel confident when dealing with customers, clients and coworkers, friends and family. Your smile will be immortalized in wedding photos, family photos and selfies.

What you get with our implants over anyone else’s is the skill, precision, and expertise of Dr. Sean and his associates. There is no matching what Dr. Sean accomplishes, he is an artist, watch him work and you’ll see how smoothly and confidently his hands move.

We stand behind our work and offer a lifetime warranty on your implants. All Bright Dental has competitively priced dental implants and encourage you to compare.

There is a lot that goes into planning an implant treatment. In order to get a precise amount of what your procedure will cost, you need to come in for an exam and X-rays – consultations are FREE. At this very first visit we can tell you exactly what you can expect to pay. Our treatment coordinators will immediately find the financing option that best fits your budget. Be assured that we will work with you, any dental insurance you have, and the financing institutions we’ve teamed up with to help you get the smile of your dreams.

Dental implants are a quality, necessary investment that can last you a lifetime.

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You can smile – anywhere, with anyone, as big as you like.

You can eat – all your favorite foods without worry or pain.

Your confidence will soar – come out from behind your hand.

Feel better – chewing fully allows your body to digest food and get from it the nutrients your body needs.

Take pictures with your friends and family – don’t miss out on the fun.

Enjoy life – you can stop worrying about your teeth all of the time.

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That’s the whole point! Nothing looks more like natural teeth than dental implants. Take a look for yourself: 4M Dental Implants Smile Gallery

You can expect to be here for approximately an hour to 90 minutes when receiving a single implant, they can often be done without anesthesia and that cuts down on the length of the procedure.

A 4M Dental Implant treatment replaces one or both arches and will require I.V. sedation, both adding time to the procedure. Expect to be here for the day.

The good news is that most patients report that they were much more comfortable following the procedure than they had anticipated. But as with any surgery, some soreness and swelling can be expected and you can expect a single implant to cause less discomfort than placing several might.

It seems that day 3 is often the day you’ll experience the most discomfort because by then all the medicine from the surgery is out of your system.

We offer our patients anesthesia and sedation options to help reduce any discomfort during the procedure or any anxiety going into it. Medications to ease discomfort the days following will be prescribed by your doctor. Remember to take your pain medication before you start feeling anything.

Dental implants are fairly simple to clean and maintain – you just have to be sure to do it! Brush and floss your teeth like you normally would. Use a water pik for additional cleaning in the harder to reach areas. All Bright Dental provides a Hydro Floss to all our 4M patients for free. A Hydro Floss is a high-quality oral irrigator that cleans under the gum line and removes plaque and food debris between your teeth.

Once a year you’ll come in for a 4M cleaning where we’ll remove your prosthetic for a deep, thorough cleaning around your implants. By maintaining your cleanings with us, we will honor a lifetime warranty on your implants!

Unfamiliar with any of the words? Check out our Dental Definitions page.