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All Bright Dental 
offers FREE dental implant consultations.

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All Bright Dental
offers FREE dental implant consultations.

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the all-on-4® dental implant treatment solution

Your smile is your calling card, your first impression, a feature that sets you apart. People you meet remember your smile—good or bad.

If your smile isn’t what you want it to be, through an accident, or genes, or poor dental care, and if you’ve done a little research, you’ve probably discovered most people—dentists and patients alike—think no other option looks, feels, and functions more like natural teeth than the All-on-4® treatment solution.


With only four implants, our doctors can replace an entire set of teeth. 

What this means for you is a minimally invasive, shorter surgery, and a beautiful, natural looking smile.

The unique placement of the implants makes this treatment possible for those with thin and weakened jaw bones.

The All-on-4® Treatment Solution is the gold standard of dental implants; it’s a specialized dental implant solution for missing or failing teeth. In a matter of hours, All-on-4® will give you a brand new smile. 

Leaders in

When considering dental implants, choosing a DOCTOR WITH EXPERIENCE is paramount. All Bright Dental’s DR. SEAN AND DR. POLENA are leaders in their industry.

Dr. Sean is a recognized authority on All-on-4® Dental Implants. Dr. Sean opened 4M Institute in Southern California, a post-graduate training facility, where dentists worldwide come to learn All-on-4® from him. 

Dr. Polena practices all aspects of dentistry including cosmetic and dental implants, and is training on the All-on-4® under Dr. Sean. 

Dr. Sean Mohtashami of All Bright Dental

Dr. Sean

Dr. Polena of All Bright Dental Las Vegas Dental Implants

Dr. Polena

You can have steak, you can enjoy anything you want! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

– Bruce, All-on-4® Patient

can change
your life!

Before and after all on 4
woman smiling showing her before and after all-on-4
before and after all on 4

Do dental implants hurt?

With sedation dentistry you sleep right through the entire procedure and won’t feel a thing.

There are a few different levels of sedation. The level of sedation we use at All Bright Dental is known as “deep sedation” or “twilight sedation”. In this state you will sleep through the procedure and will be able to respond to the doctors if they need you to. Generally, you won’t remember anything once you’re in deep sedation.


Learn more about sedation dentistry.

are you a
candidate for

A healthy jaw bone is the foundation needed for dental implants. If you’ve been in dentures for years, if you’ve been a long time smoker, or just have gone without teeth for a while, chances are you’re left with a thinning jaw bone. In the past, patients like you would have not been candidates for dental implants. But there’s good news! The All-on-4® Dental Implant solution solves this problem by maximizing the minimal remaining bone. 

By strategically placing four implants in the upper and lower jaw, an entire set of teeth can be permanently secured. Your new teeth are attached to the implants which are screwed into your jaw, thus becoming ‘real’ teeth.


Healthy Lower Jaw bone

A healthy lower jaw bone.


The necessity of an experienced Dental Implant dentist is paramount.

Dr. Sean and his associates have been successfully placing dental implants for over 50 years combined, taking on the most complex cases. 

They have the skill to not only design a beautiful, personalized smile for you, but the experience to know when someone isn’t a good candidate and suggest alternative treatment.

All Bright Dental has your best interest at heart.

why choose all-on-4® over traditional dentures?

Traditional Dentures

Tradition Upper Denture

All-on-4® Prosthetic

4m dental implant prosthetic

Don’t wait and go do it. It will change your life. The benefits for your gums, the structure of your mouth, how you feel and the confidence it gives you, it’s unbelievable. 

– Brendan, All-on-4® Dental Implant Patient

All-on-4® dental implants change your life by enabling you to eat the foods you love, socialize without embarrassment, and smile with confidence.

All-on-4® dental implants change your life by enabling you to eat the foods you love, socialize without embarrassment, and smile with confidence.


All Bright Dental uses ZIRPEEK®. ZIRPEEK® is the most realistic, most comfortable hybrid there is. 

ZIRPEEK® is designed to mimic natural bone and tissue. The substructure is made up of PEEK, a material touted for its bonelike qualities being both strong and with a familiar ‘give’ that acts as a shock absorber which protects your implants.

The crowns are individually milled from zirconia, a substance as hard as a tooth’s natural dentine and with a lifelike translucency.

ZIRPEEK® is the next best thing to natural teeth.

ZIRPEEK prosthetic

ZIRPEEK® Prosthetic

Looks Real

With every All-on-4® procedure you receive a ZIRPEEK® prosthetic - The Next Best Thing To Real Teeth!

At All Bright Dental we want to provide our patients with a product comparable to your natural dentition and gum tissue. We've found that in ZIRPEEK®.


All-on-4® can restore up to 95% of your chewing ability. Coupled with a ZIRPEEK® hybrid, your dental implants can withstand the forces of chewing and biting for years to come.

A full set of teeth will help you speak more clearly and they're permanent so they won't ever slip out of place.


ZIRPEEK® is the answer to the heavy, full zirconia, metal bar milled, prosthetics of the recent past.

ZIRPEEK® are light weight, strong, and are custom designed to fit precisely in your mouth.

No other All-on-4® prosthetic has the shock absorbing capibility than ZIRPEEK®.

teeth in One day

With All-on-4® Dr. Sean and Dr. Polena, can restore your smile in a matter of hours.

You will walk in with your missing or failing teeth and leave the same day with a brand new, sparkling smile. We call this Teeth In One Day.

all-on-4® consultations are FREE!

Come in for an exam, X-rays, and meet your doctor. You’ll discuss your dental goals and treatment options.

There is no obligation to move forward if you choose not to.

You have nothing to lose!